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Are You Worried About Excessive Video Production Cost?

If you have been following my video marketing sequence up to now, you will have a list of various keyword search phrases that will be like bars of gold.

They are laser targeted to the exact searches that people are making online within your marketplace. This list is going to help your business expand with the help of video and will boost your conversions like mad.

If you haven’t gone through them yet, then you need to go back and check each one out separately to build your online video campaign list, which you can find here.

Video Production Cost – How To Get Started with ZERO Cost!

Video Production Cost,

Now I’m going to show you how you can produce your first or subsequent online video production without incurring any costs at all.

I will be covering various website video production tips:

  • How much does video production cost?
  • How long should your video be?
  • Avoiding the cost of a studio
  • Internet video production Equipment
  • Uploading the completed video online

…. so let’s begin.

How Much Does Video Production Cost?

Provided you make videos in the way I’m detailing, the cost of producing videos can be ZERO. This will allow you to produce a video that is perfectly acceptable in the online video production world that will get you results.

If you want to spend out more, then you can, but to start with I want to keep costs to a bare minimum, so let’s start with no cost at all!


How Long Should Your Video Be?

How Long Did You Say?

Making your video is very easy. You have already got your plan which is super laser targeted to what people are searching for online, and now comes the fun bit and actually making a video you will be proud of and keeping cost to a minimum.

One of the most important points to note, is that you are not going to be filming an epic film ….that lasts for 20 minutes +

If you do this – you will fail!

A viewers attention span is short…very short.

They MUST be kept short and run from between 1-2 minutes   ….that’s all!

This will do 2 things:

Ensure that your viewers watch the complete production WITHOUT getting bored AND it will be really easy for you to make your first and subsequent videos.

But let me first put your mind at rest if you have concerns over the video production cost then the following will help you.


You Don’t Have To Purchase Expensive Video Production Equipment

If I was to tell you that you could make and produce your video for free ….Would you believe me?

If you were to employ video production services, they would easily cost you in excess of $500, but you can do video production yourself for free. Let me show you how…

Digital video has changed everything and made things so much easier in today’s world. If you have a camera that you take on vacation, an iPhone or similar Android/Windows  smartphone, then you have everything you need.

The quality that they produce is high enough to upload the completed video to your site and on the net.

If you’ve got a digital SLR camera, or a video camera, then even better. I will go into more detail in one of my next posts, how you can actually use this to shoot your video.


Don’t Hire a Studio

You Don't Need A Studio

Despite what you may have been told, you do NOT need to hire a studio.

You have several options available to you, depending on what your business is, so let me highlight what these are.

If you work from an office, you have the option of either using a separate room or a corner of one of your offices to make your video in. Even better, once you have made your first video, if you can leave the room set up so you can quickly and easily go on to make your next  and so on.

If you don’t have any free space to make your video, then simply take it in your workplace itself. What could be easier. People will see exactly who you are and what your business is all about!

If you work from a van and go to clients homes to provide services, like building works, landscaping, dog grooming etc, then just shoot a short video ‘in the workplace’.

So as you can see, you do not need to worry about incurring extra expenses to get really good results.


Editing & Producing

Edit As you Go

If you don’t have any video production software, then you can use a process called ‘filming for the edit’. Let me explain:

  • You plan what you are going to show and say in your video.
  • You rehearse what you are going to cover
  • Then you simply film it ‘live’ to cover all the areas you want to cover in that shoot. If you get it wrong, you repeat it until you get it right.

For best results, you can film your video and edit it using a video editing program. You can then make cuts, add titles, music and lots more. These come in varying costs. Some are good but some are not worth the extra expense. I am aiming to keep the online video production cost to a bare minimum here, so I will go through the best value one’s in a later post.


Uploading Your Completed Video to the Internet

You do NOT need any fancy video production software to upload a video or add it to your website.

Youtube is the biggest video network on the internet and all you need to do is make a few clicks of the mouse and your completed production will be uploaded online and visible for all to see. Again, I will be covering this in detail in a dedicated post in the coming days.

Once uploaded to Youtube, you can add a special code into your website in seconds to allow viewers on your website to see the completed video.

Honestly, it could not be easier, but you need to know how to do this and again I will be going though each and every step along the way to show you exactly how you do this and how to avoid any hurdles or pitfalls you may come across.

If you can log into your computer, then you can upload a video…it’s that simple!

Producing a Series

Once we have got through producing your first video, you can then go on to produce your second, which you will find much easier, then your third etc.

Within a matter of days, you could have your entire series of short videos uploaded and running. All super targeted and all producing leads and conversions.

But you must remember that this will not produce instant results from day one. It does take time, but it is enjoyable. Once you have uploaded you won’t need to do much more with it, so this is definitely time well spent.


You have learned that you keep your online video production cost to a minimum, by producing quick and easy video that will run from 1-2 minutes. Once produced, you can then upload it to the internet and onto your site with the help of YouTube.

Provided you followed my earlier video production methods – you will have a series of videos that are super laser targeted to exactly what potential customers are looking for.

In case you have not gone through the earlier research steps, then go back and follow them now…

In the next post, I will be running through the ‘Must Have Equipment’ list, so I will see you in the next post….

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