Internet Marketing Online - Getting Started

Internet Marketing Online – Getting Started

When you are getting started in an online internet campaign, there are a few things that you need to be aware of. In this video I’m going to cover some of the essential steps you need to have in place specifically for local business internet marketing.

It is very important to ensure that you have an effective online internet marketing presence online and in order to do this you need to have the following:

  • Your own domain name
  • A website YOU control
  • An email list
  • Facebook Page

These will really help you expand your internet marketing online presence. but don’t worry as you don’t need to have all these in place before you start your online video marketing campaign. You can still do this if you do not have a website, but for local business, internet marketing is very important. Internet marketing for small business is just as important as internet marketing online for large businesses.

1. Your Own Domain

You should always get hold of a domain name for your business. I would recommend that these are in the form of your business name, followed by the .com extension. Examples of this would be:

  • (if based in the UK)

There are a lot of different types of extension that you can have, but I would just stick to .com and avoid .biz / .info / .eu etc…

2. Your Own Website

It is important that for any online internet marketing you actually have your own website online for all to see. You will find a lot of FREE websites on the internet, such as:

  • etc

Which are all very quick to create and you don’t have to pay any charges at all, which may be very tempting if you are just starting out , or a local business. The problem however is you do NOT own the website, the company that you joined do. Your site can and will be take down if they do not feel it is suitable or it gets reported for whatever reason. Once it’s taken down – it’s gone for good! By far the best method for internet marketing for local business or large business is to have your own website, which is what is called ‘hosted’ by you. These are relatively easy to set up and there are numerous guides on how to do this, which I have included details at the bottom of this post. I am not going to go into this in detail at this stage, as I have added some excellent resources where you can not only ‘host’ your own website, but they will provide 24/7 help for you by way of chatline, phone or email. These are the one’s that I use and they are excellent.

Email List

One of the key things that I did not do to begin with was to collect peoples emails. What I mean by this is emails from:

  • Customers
  • Prospects
  • Visitors

Once you have them, you can then send out messages to them automatically. This is really god when you are doing any promotions, as you have an instant online internet marketing database. To automate this, you need to employ the services of an autoresponder service which will take care of everything. All you need to do is add the message that you want to send and they will take care of the delivery. Again, I have provided a link to the best one’s that I know of and use, at the bottom of this post.

Facebook Page

It is very important now as Facebook expands further that whenever you do any internet marketing online, you also have what is called a Facebook Page. Now don’t get confused with your own Facebook Profile with all your friends on it etc, the Facebook Page is COMPLETELY separate from your main page, but I’ll explain how to do this later. I want to concentrate on the video marketing side of things first to avoid overloading you. So that’s it for now, and I’ll see you in the next post.


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