Online Market Research – Finding Out What People Are Really Searching For

In the last post about online market research, you learned:

  • How to identify top keyword phrases using Keyword Planner
  • Identifying online monthly trends for individual keywords

Finding Super Targeted Keywords Finding Super Targeted Keywords

Before we start making your first video, we are now going to take this one step  further using the following additional free market research tools:

  • How to reveal hidden phrases with YouTube
  • Using Forum Boards for online market analysis
  • Using Social Media
  • How to do market research using Amazon for hidden gems

These are all excellent free market research tools that will really help your business.

Let’s get started with Our 1st Online Market Research Tool – YouTube

Did you know that YouTube also has its own search engine?

Although YouTube is owned by Google, the online YouTube results are different than the results. You can use this for your online market analysis to identify specific terms used online within YouTube.

The process for finding these is also different. Let me show you what I mean:

Enter the term you want to use, eg. Landscaping

You will be instantly presented with the following drop down BEFORE you select anything else:

Online MArket Research - Youtube

This is telling you what the most popular terms online when searching for ‘landscaping’.

So again you need to make a note of these search terms and add them to your analysis spreadsheet you started earlier. This is all we need to do with YouTube at this time, so now to move onto the next free market research tool:


Using Forum Boards

Forum boards are an excellent source of online market research and will really help boost your business.

In case you didn’t know, there are forums for virtually everything you can think about. But the key to this is how you use this to your advantage.

The key is to ascertain what people are actually discussing in the forums. These are potential prospects online who want to find out answers to different problems in various markets. Information that will be invaluable to your business.


How to identify Forums in your market:

Go to and type in the following term:

‘Your market’ + forum

Tip: It is important that your search is very broad to get maximum results

So, if I wanted to find out what is being discussed about landscaping on the forums, I would enter:

Landscaping + forum

Here is what you get:

Using ForumsIt says I have 25,900,000 results – but not all of these will be forums.

Next you need to click on various individual forum search results and see which ones are active – they must have recent posts, like this example, which is the first result

Active Forum Example


Next we go to Facebook….

For this you need to be logged into Facebook to get results.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, then you need to set one up. It’s quick to do and won’t cost you anything.

Click here on how to create a Facebook Account


Inside your Facebook account, enter the search term:

Facebook ResultsGo through the results and you will see what is being discussed online. The more ‘likes’ a site has – the more popular it is.

So the site with 83,085 likes will be more active than the site with 9 likes. To save time, I only concentrate on results with a high number of likes in your marketplace.

Now click on each of them and see what topics are being talking about online, then add popular terms to your spreadsheet as before.

Now take this one step further:

Inside Facebook, you will see small active communities where people share ideas online and get advice. These are called ‘Groups’.  You may already be a member of some. Don’t worry if you’re not…

You need to select the ‘Search Filter‘ on the left for: ‘Groups’.

See example below:

We enter the term once again:

Facebook Groups

  • Click on ‘Groups(highlighted on left)
  • Then click Join Groups(on right) – select open groups only, as closed groups are by invitation only.

You then need to wait for up to a couple of days before you are accepted, so you will need to come back to this later.

Once accepted, go into each of the respective groups and find out exactly what is being talked about, making a note of popular items in your marketplace.


Next we go to Amazon…. can provide you with a wealth of information in their kindle books section. (Kindle books are being added every day and are fast becoming more popular than paper books).

Go to:

Enter the term, again we will use: landscaping

  • Press the ‘Go’ button

You will now see all the kindle books relating to the search term entered.

Here is the result we get:

Amazon Listings

  • By scrolling down the list you will see every kindle book that is being sold online using the term you entered.
  • Again, you need to add the topics of each publication to your Master Research spreadsheet.
  • You should also repeat the search by changing the ‘drop down’ search on the right had side to ‘New and popular’.

This will provide different terms that you can go through.  Make a note of the various topics.


Important tip: 

When you see relevant titles, ALWAYS click on the ‘Click to LOOK INSIDE’ the Kindle Books. Now scroll down and view the Index for each publication – make a note of the topics being discussed.

‘Dummies’ publications are an excellent resource to use for this.


Putting All This Together

How Do I Put This All Together

Now you have a list of keywords that people are really searching for in your marketplace online right now. I can virtually guarantee that no-one will have followed these steps BEFORE they start their video campaigns.

What normally happens is a business will consider making some videos, then just put together some videos in their marketplace and some of the products that they are selling, then hope for the best.

This is totally wrong and will fail every time. Okay, you may be lucky and get some results, but it is completely hit and miss! It’s like playing a round of golf….blindfolded – you may get the ball to land on the green sometimes, but this would be more luck than judgement!

If you miss out this crucial step that I have outlined, then you need to go back now to my earlier posts and follow the sequence – I cannot stress this enough!


Sorting Your Research Master List

From your list you need to rank the keyword phrases that you are going to make videos on in order of priority. It is best to try to link these in some way so that they follow a sequence.


Subject:               Landscaping ideas for backyard

It would be a good idea to follow on from this initial video with the following:

  • Landscaping ideas for backyard on a budget
  • Landscaping tips
  • Landscaping designs
  • Landscaping equipment

These will all follow a sequence and when someone looks at the first video, this will lead them into the second, then the third etc… Which will help you to gain interest and lead them onto what they need to do followed by potential products  or services they may want to consider …from YOU!

I would recommend that you go through the list and identify the top 10 keyword phrases.

  • They must have business interest with Adwords
  • They must have little competition in videos – not more than 1
  • They must be what people are looking for



In this post about online market research, you have learned:

  • How to find further keywords from YouTube
  • How you can use Facebook, Forums and Amazon to your advantage
  • How to put this all together to form a sequence of videos

Now you have your online market analysis that will have identified terms you need to target straight away. You now have a plan that you can use to start your web video marketing and not waste time in thinking what you can make videos about:

  • You know exactly what is being searched for online
  • You now know if it is worth your time in producing a video

Before we leave this, the next post is dedicated to brainstorming without relying solely on online market research. This will identify what customers your customers want – using  your internal resources …..

See you in the next post

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