Online Marketing Research - Using Keyword Planner

Online Marketing Research – Finding Super Targeted Keywords

Finding Super Targeted Keywords For Videos That Will Take You To The Next Level

In the last post about video marketing research, I showed you how within just a matter of minutes, you can see what people are searching for in your business on the internet and if these are worth going for. These are very effective online marketing research techniques that few businesses know about:

 But now we are going to take this to the next level!

Super Baby

I’m going to show in the next part of my online marketing research process, I am going to show you how Google will make it even easier for you. You will now learn:

  • How to find top phrases using Google’s FREE online Keyword Planner
  • What are the monthly trends for each phrase

So let’s get started…..

Why Research is So Important

The reason for carrying out online marketing research is to ensure that when you make your videos (which I will show you shortly how to make these quickly and easily) you ONLY go for targeted phrases that prospects are actually using AND what will give you quickest returns.

Let me give you an example

If you were selling an established product called ‘Acme Widgets’ and you did a search for this term on the internet, you may see that there are no videos, no ‘Adwords’ and a low number of competing pages.

Unless the product you are promoting is brand new, this would initially tell you that the market is wide open and the sooner you get your video up and running – the quicker you would get results… BUT WAIT!

…This may also indicate that no-one is actually interested in “Acme widgets”.

  • So if no one is searching for them – why spend time on producing a video about them?


Finding Out Exactly What People are Searching For On The Internet

But what if you could find exactly what general terms people are using in your market, instead of specific brands? You could target this and introduce the “Acme Widget” as THE solution.

It may be a case that people just have not heard of the product by name, BUT they want a solution to their problem. YOUR product may be exactly what they are looking for.

Introducing The Best of the FREE Online Marketing Research Tools

I don’t want you to have to pay for anything unless you need to. There are internet marketing tools that run into the $$$$’s thousands – but you don’t need these.

Let me introduce to you an  online marketing tool that Google provides for free, yes FREE and it’s called “Keyword Planner”, but you need to know how to get hold of it, as it’s not straightforward, but will open up an extremely valuable internet marketing research tool that is only accessible only and that you never knew existed.


How To Get Hold Of Keyword Planner Online

The keyword planner is designed to help people who use the paid for advertising program called ‘Adwords’ that is used on the internet, but you can get hold of it online but it’s free. Here are the steps you now need to follow:

Step 1 – Go Online and either click on this link or enter this in your search bar:


This will bring you to the page titled: Create an Adwords Account – don’t worry, this is free to use for and you won’t be entering any credit card details or anything like that.

Video Marketing Tips - Google Adwords Initial Form

You are then provided 2 options

1. If you already use other Google products

  • This includes a gmail account that you may have already set up before online . If you do have one, then follow this option.

2. If you don’t already use other Google products

  • This is the option I recommend and it allows you to create a new account specific to your business

Then it is a case of simply following the instructions online and setting up your new internet Adwords account.  Once set up you will go to the following screen:

Google Adwords Options

The section we are ONLY interested in is titled Tools and Analysis

  • Click the down arrow beside the tab
  • Click on the Planner

You are will now have the following displayed:

  • Google adwords optionClick on the section “Search for new keyword and ad ideas’

Google Adwords

  • Enter the term, such as Landscaping
  • Click ‘Get Ideas’


Google Adwords - Keyword Planner

  • Click the tab titled ‘Keyword Ideas’
  • Then sort from highest to lowest by clicking the ‘Average Monthly Searches’

Now add all the words to your keyword analysis sheet you started in the last post.

Or, click the Download link to export as a spreadsheet.

If you are in quite a broad niche, then select only those terms that have a volume over 1000 searches per month to ensure that you see some results fairly quickly. If however you are in a very narrow niche with few searches, select the highest 5-10 search results.

Hot Tip:

To find what people are searching at different times of the year to allow yourself to plan ahead with the topics that you are going to make videos about, here is a quick and easy method:

In the results, hover your mouse over the little graph icon, which will reveal a graph showing the monthly searches for the past 12 months for each of the phrases.

This information is priceless and can be used to target your campaigns for the coming year. To ensure that you get ranked, which can take from 30 – 90 days for a new site, to just a few days for an established site.

I would always set time guidelines of around 2-3 months ahead when planning videos that are seasonal. Here are the results you get.

Keyword Planner - Monthly Search Volume

NB. You can export all of this data into an excel spreadsheet, BUT it is important that when you click the Download link, you also check the box in the popup that appears – Segment statistics by month

Exporting Keyword ResultsYou will then get all the stats month by month. If you don’t check this item, then you will only get the search volume results for the entire year.

 Your Master Keyword Marketing Spreadsheet

In your master research sheet that you have been adding to, you will need to go through this and think about ways in which you can use the words as subjects for individual videos (which I will be covering in a later post).



In this post about online marketing research, you have learned:

  • How to analysis your market to see what is popular
  • If there are other videos made for particular phrases
  • How to find top keyword phrases using ‘Keyword Planner’
  • Identifying monthly trends for individual keywords

In the next post about  internet marketing research, we will look at what other applications you can use outside of the Google search engine to find even more laser targeted search terms. Then we will go through these to determine the top 10.

See you in the next post…

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