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Video Market Research – How to Find Hidden Secrets in Google

In the last post about video marketing you learned:

  • How much paid Google advertising would cost you
  • How much you can save by using a video market campaign
  • Why YOU need to use video

Please Tell Me...

Now we are going to learn some unique video market research techniques to ensure you only target customers who want to buy from you. To do this we must perform our initial  online video market research.

So Let’s get started….

Here’s the standard process people generally follow when searching online:

  1. Enter a phrase in the search engine
  2. Look at the list produced.
  3. Scan the top 5 to see if any of these look interesting.
  4. Quickly glance at the others on the front page and even go to the next page

Does this sound familiar?

This is what virtually everyone does and to confirm this, Google have produced lots of data to show how exactly how people scan these:

Video Marketing Tips - Google HeatmapThis is what is called a ‘heatmap’ and shows how people actually view what is displayed.

  • The red areas are the most prominent
  • The yellow next prominent
  • Followed by blue

You need to get in the red areas for maximum exposure.

With my help I’m going to get you ranked in the red zone using video

Are you ready to follow the first  step in online video market research ?

Let’s get started….

Our goal is get videos for your business on page 1 for  specific phrases relating to your products or services

This is the key and I cannot emphasis this enough.

What Do You Mean By Specific  Phrases?

Within your business, you will be selling products or providing services. When it comes to people searching for these, there are numerous different terms that can be entered to get the results people are looking for.

What I want you to do is by carrying out an initial quick effective video market analysis, you will only target those terms that people are actually entering… AND ones that you can easily rank for.

Here is a video that will explain this fully:


Let me show you what I mean:

If you have a landscaping business and enter  ‘landscaping’ in Google, you will get the following:

Google search - landscaping

There are over 36,900,000 listings that Google is telling you contain the word landscaping, but there is actually a lot more information contained here that that will be absolute gems to your business.

To ensure that you have the advantage over your competitors, the first stage of your marketing  research is to see if this term is competitive, or worth going for. There is a simple ‘step by step’ process I have devised to answer this….

Step 1 – Are there any Adwords ads displayed?

Within the results, you will often see what are called Google Adwords. I covered what these are and how much they cost in the last post titled “If you don’t know anything about video marketing – Here’s what you need to do”. If you haven’t read it yet, then check it out now.

Adwords are paid advertising and people will only pay for them IF they are worthwhile. The number of ads will also vary, from just a few on the right hand side,  toas in this example – a lot of adwords displayed both on the right hand side and at the very top (ads placed against a pale pink background)

This is telling me that this is a very sought after term and one that I should use, so make a note of this.

To help you, I have added my Research Analysis chart that you can use to add the phrases to – download  it here


Step 2 – Are any other videos displayed?

The step in our market research video production analysis is to see if there are any videos displayed on the first page. Google will always give priority over websites that use video and in particular YouTube videos (which they own).

In this instance there are none – so this is definitely a good keyword to target!

If however during this video market research step, you see a video already on page 1, you don’t need to worry as with my help you should be able to overtake this quite easily.

At the initial stages of starting a video marketing campaign, you need to avoid terms that already have 2 or more videos on page one. It is not advisable to target these at this stage – but add them still to your list and note the number of YouTube videos displayed. We will come back to these when we have a number of videos up and running, as there is a little known trick that you can use to get these ranked – but you must have a series of videos ranked first.


Searches Related to “keyword”

Related Google Searches At the very bottom of the Google page results, you will see up to 10 listings what is called ‘Searches Related to “keyword” (in this case Landscaping).

Most people simply ignore this information, but this is very important and you must add these to your list.

For a while now, Google tell you on each of the pages displayed, what other people are searching for related to the initial search.

…..This information is taken from their extensive database and must never be ignored. You can now repeat this marketing research for your newly found phrases and within a very short time, you will have an excellent list of potential keywords you can target and get quick results.

Okay, this is enough marketing research at this stage, as I will be going into more in-depth video market research in the next video…


You will now see by using this quick and easy video market research technique using your top level search phrase, you now have found out the following:

  • Total number of results for search phrases
  • Are Businesses paying to get listed using paid Adword campaigns
  • If there are no other videos displayed then you get ranked quickly
  •  What other ‘Related search’ results there are


But it doesn’t stop here….

In the next post about video market analysis, I’m going to show you even more quick and easy methods to reveal more keywords that you can then use in your video campaign.

This analysis will identify results that will be laser targeted search phrases that your customers are using each and every day and that you can tap into!

For the next in the series of video marketing research, go here

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