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Video Marketing Secrets – What To Make Videos About For Best Results

Video Marketing Secrets

One of the best video marketing secrets that I can provide you with and most effective video marketing is to solve a particular problem that customers have.

This may be as simple as explaining how something works or how a particular problem can be overcome. If left unanswered, this can become a huge block in the sales process and result in the prospect walking away.


Video Marketing Secrets

Step 1 – Identifying Issues & Concerns

There are a few ‘obstacles’ that can prevent a potential prospect from becoming a customer and will form one of the top video marketing tips that I can provide you with:

1. Customer Confusion

I'm Totally Confused

Quite often a prospect does not understand or realise how a particular product works and how it can be what they are looking for. It may be that the products or services that you are providing will definitely help them – but they really don’t understand how it can.

Sadly, if left unanswered, they will simply walk away and go to the next product or service that they are checking out.

The secret to avoiding  this is that you need to highlight each of the actual benefits of the product or service into a series of quick and easy to understand videos. This is one of the best youtube video marketing secrets that you can use. You simply explain each of the benefits that your product or service provides into a series of ‘step by step’ video that makes it very easy to understand.

One of the advantages of using this video marketing secrets,  is that it allows you to provide a huge amount of information into a relatively short period by using a video to explain things, instead of relying on them to contact you….which they won’t!


  • Produce a video based on the various identified ‘obstacles’ that need to be overcome and resolved (I will cover this below).

2.  Having To Repeat Yourself to the Customer

How Many More Times Do I Need To Explain Myself?

Quite often the prospect will simply not understand what you are saying or explaining, as to them it just sounds to technical. In order to try and get your message across you will need to repeat yourself frequently to try to get them to understand what you are saying. This may happen 5 or 6 times and again will result in the customer simply walking away…confused.


  • Produce a video to overcome this so they can see exactly what it is you are providing.

3. Marketing & Management Miss-understandings

This will apply when a business has a marketing team. The management are saying one thing, but marketing have understood this to mean something different. As a result of this, both parties are thinking in different ways and the messages become ‘cloudy’. Both are looking at the products or services in completely different ways.


  • Deliver messages are delivered using video to ensure that both marketing and management can view to avoid any issues


The Key to Video Marketing Secrets:

The secret to identifying the various obstacles that may be losing customers, you must do the following without delay:

1. Go Through All Your Marketing Materials

Your message must be consistent throughout its delivery. You must make sure that what is explained in various brochures is the same as is shown on your online website. This must also be reciprocated by staff and in any emails. If you already have video on your site, then you need to go through them to ensure that the messages are uniform and clear.

2. Speak to Your Staff

One of the key strategies is to identify the ‘obstacles’. The best people to tell you about these are your marketing team and sales team. Are there obstacles or concerns that can be identified and resolved.

If you are a sole trader and  do not have a marketing team, then it is still good to go through all the literature you have to ensure that everything is saying the same.

3. Hold a Brainstorming Session

Brainstorming Session

Once you have gone through your  sales materials and spoken to your sales team, then you need to hold a brainstorming session to identify the common stumbling blocks and ascertain which areas that need to be improved on.

If you have new products or services being introduced, then  you need to be clear exactly how these can be demonstrated to prospective prospects in order to turn them into customers.

Once you have established various issues and obstacles

  • Break these down into specific areas
  • It is a good idea to write a title for each and a short summary of each.
  • Look into ways how these can be answered or clarified using short effective video marketing videos of 2 minute each.

NEVER try to cover too many issues or obstacles within a single video. This will potentially confuse the customer further.

ALWAYS produce a short series of videos covering each of the concerns or issues in a simplified format.

PLAN how you are going to deliver this in each video, which I will be covering in another post.

Video Marketing Secrets – Summary


If you adopt these short brainstorming video marketing secrets, then you will always identify:

  • Areas of confusion
  • The concerns and issues – stumbling points

Each video will provide:

  • Continuity with sales and management
  • Continuity with all sales literature / website etc
  • Prospects concerns will be answered BEFORE they even need to ask!

In the next post we will look into how we can combine all the online marketing strategies and research we have carried out together to ensure that we can then produce a series of laser targeted videos that will form your video marketing plan.

If you have been following my earlier posts during this research stage you will now have a lot of information, which you now need to know how to use effectively.

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