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What’s New In 2015 – IMPORTANT UPDATE

Hi there,

To avoid any confusion, I have decided to join together & into one website for ease of use. So from now on, the only website that will be updated on a regular basis will be

The reason for this is that since the beginning of the year, I have been part of a mentoring program with Robert J Temple. As a result of this, I have restructured my entire business and have since gone on to release my first 2 products:

Video Cash Formula & Video Traffic Siphon:

video cash formula

You can find out more about them here and how to save over $87!

In addition to the restructuring, I have also changed the way I am promoting clients that are working with me in relation to websites I have made and promoted. I see video is the way forward in relation to promoting a business and with this in mind, I am now using video to achieve high rankings. The videos are in addition to the actual website and are resulting in number 1 rankings for various keywords.

I am still producing websites for selected clients in the normal website format, but I’m now adding videos on a regular basis, resulting in high rankings and in most instances number 1 rankings in both the organic search results in Google, together with YouTube, which is now the 2nd largest search engine (next to Google).

Please watch this space and make sure you bookmark this site to ensure you get maximum benefits from this website.

You will see regular updates in relation to:

  • Setting up websites
  • Adding videos
  • SEO
  • Top Promoted Products – that WILL help you
  • General News

Until the next post, talk soon




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